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The rarest color of hair is red, fiery copper, which is so like the opposite sex. It has always been believed that a woman who has a red hair color is the most temperamental beast and passionate in bed. Long ago, girls with red hair color burned at the stake, it was believed that they are all witches! Not surprising, because indeed her red curls are fascinating, obviously having some kind of magical effect. Red color is associated with fire, as well as with such an animal as a fox. A woman with such color is also unforgettable as fire, and just as cunning as a fox. She is dangerous and freedom-loving. It can be sharp, but it's fair. This color of hair in a girl highlights it from the crowd. Makes her appearance more individual and exclusive. The fiery hair color gives charm, charm and spectacularity to every woman. Such women are constantly in the spotlight. The fire color was always in vogue, and never left it. If you want to pay attention to your companion, and at night you want to go crazy with passion - a red escort is just for you.

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